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Fitness is a part of our everyday lives. As we get older, the harder it is to keep fit, and keep the weight off, so by making some simple changes and additions to our day, we can be fitter and stronger for longer.

Having worked in the Leisure and Fitness industry for years, and being in the Fire Service, we have gained a huge array of skills around maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Our site contains fully researched articles, recipes and motivation to provide you with what you need to start your fitness journey.

We also share some of the things we do to keep fit, from simple things like swapping the car for a walk to take the kids to school, right through to training for a marathon.

Whether young or older, male or female, beginner or experienced this site will provide you with plenty of advice in a range of areas, such as;

And much more!

If you have any questions, or you think you have a great story you would like to share with others, please use the Contact Form and we will respond as soon as we can.

So enough about us, why not start reading the Beginners Guide and start your journey to fitness today!

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The easiest way to get fit is to make some simple changes to your day-to-day lifestyle; leave the car at home and cycle or walk to work, ditch the processed foods for fresh. 

One step at a time. 

The smallest changes can bring the biggest results!

Mike Burrett

Site Editor