Best Exercise Machine For Home Use

Best Exercise Machine for Home Use

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So we’ve had a look at what equipment to buy for your Home Gym, now it’s time to step up a level to find the best exercise machine for home use.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the room in your home, maybe a spare room, conservatory, garage or basement, you could look at buying some Fitness Machines.

As before, research carefully. Don’t just buy something because of a flashy advert or shiny brochure. Make sure that whatever you buy will suit your needs and gives you the most use, particularly with things like multi-gyms.

Before we get started, unlike the Home Gym section, exercise machines will be a bit more expensive, and you should be willing to spend a bit more in this area.

Let’s have a look at what we think is the Best Exercise Machine For Home Use for each category…

The treadmill is undoubtedly the favourite gym machine for cardio. With options to just press Start and go for a run, set a run time, or choose a workout program, this treadmill is perfect for any home gym.

We recommend the JTX Sprint-7 treadmill. A top speed of 20km/h and incline level of up to 15%. Foldable deck for easy storage. Ergonomic handrails and Pulse sensors.

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Best Exercise Machine For Home Use - Rowing Machine

Rowing is a great full-body workout. There is a range of rowing machines to choose from, with different types, styles, designed for all abilities. 

We have written an article on How to Use a Rowing Machine Properly.

The Concept 2 Model D has some great features, including various workouts and games. It also separates for easy storage.

Best Exercise Machine For Home Use - Spin Bike

Next in the list of cardio machines is the home exercise bike. Like the treadmill, you can either jump on a pedal at your own speed and time or follow a program. This time you will need an app or online video, and you can have your very own spin class at home.

This is the upgraded JTX Cyclo 6 spin bike, with superior build quality, ideal for everyday use. We recommend it for the commercial-grade quality with a home-gym price point. It is very sturdy and stable, weighing in at 64 kilograms. Another spin bike great for all abilities.

Have a look at the Best 5 Indoor Spin Bikes For Home Use

Best Exercise Machine For Home Use - Cross Trainer

Elliptical Cross Trainers are ideal for a low-impact, upper and lower body workout. You will find elliptical trainers, or cross-trainers as they are often called, in most gyms.

As your feet do not leave the pads, they just swing back and forth, they are much better for your joints. Then there are the handles which work your upper body simultaneously.

The JTX Tri-Fit has some great features, such as a variety of built-in workouts, and smartphone integration with a free app download.

Final Thoughts - Best Exercise Machine for Home Use

There is a wide range of gym equipment you can buy to suit all budgets and spaces. It is important to plan what you want, work out what you will actually need, use and have space for. In an ideal world, we would all have a whole gym set up in our homes, but the majority of us are not lucky enough to have a room dedicated to gym equipment

That wraps up the section for the best exercise machines for home use, but we will update it as we review and test more equipment.

If you haven’t yet read the section on home gym equipment I would strongly recommend reading that first, by clicking on this link.

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