simple exercises to keep fit

Simple Exercises to Keep Fit

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Burning calories is an essential part to prevent weight gain, and to promote weight loss. Today we talk about some really simple exercises to keep fit.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate exercise in your life, and you would be surprised at how many calories you can burn, sometimes without even realising!

For most of these suggestions there is minimal equipment needed. You may have everything you need already.

  • Aerobics (Low Impact) – There are classes available, probably in your local gym, leisure centre or even village hall. In just one hour you could burn 300 calories.
  • Badminton – A great sport that you could do in your local leisure centre with a friend or work colleague. All you need is some comfy clothes (shorts and a t-shirt) and some trainers. You can usually hire the equipment until you decide to do it regularly and then purchase your own equipment. 204 Calories burnt in an hour.
  • Cycling (Recreational – 5mph) – A nice gentle bike ride around your neighbourhood or local park, or on your way to work could help you burn 360 calories in an hour.
  • Dancing  – You could join a dance class, group or even just follow a YouTube video or dance-based game and burn 308 calories in one hour.
  • Gardening  – If you enjoy getting your fingers dirty doing some general gardening and weeding, you could burn 228 calories per hour.
  • Hill Walking – Somewhere near you there is bound to be a hill, or you could take a drive out to the country and go for a nice afternoon of hill walking and burn 164 calories an hour.
  • Jogging – With some comfortable clothes – tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt and trainers – take a jog around the block, the park or the school run, and burn 360 calories an hour.
  • Roller Skating – Grab a pair of skates or rollerblades and watch yourself burn 360 calories in an hour.
  • Rowing Machine  – Very common in the gym, or you can pick up one new or used, a moderate row can burn 360 calories an hour.
  • Running – You’ve done jogging and now feeling a bit more adventurous. Pick up the pace and go for a run. At a pace of 7.5mph, you could burn 576 calories per hour.
  • Skiing – You don’t have to be a pro, you don’t even need any equipment, you don’t even have to go abroad. Go to your nearest snow centre and start a beginners course, hire some skis or a snowboard and burn 360 calories an hour.
  • Squash – This is a great activity to do with your partner or friend. Book a squash court and burn a whopping 468 calories in an hour session!
  • Swimming – A pair of swimming trunks/bathing suit and a pair of goggles (optional) and you could burn 513 calories at your local leisure centre pool.
  • Tennis – This one can be done indoors or outdoors, at the leisure centre or sometimes at your local park. Play an hour of tennis and burn 312 calories.
  • Walking – Probably the easiest and cheapest of them all. You don’t even have to get changed if you don’t want to. Get out of the house and go for an hour walk and burn 288 calories (4mph).
  • Yoga – Take a class, stick on a free YouTube video or download an app and practising the Downward Dog and other poses could burn 160 calories an hour.

As we have discovered here, there are some really simple ways to keep fit, and there should be something you can do even today. 

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