The Peloton Bike

The Peloton Bike Review (Is It Worth It?)

In recent years, the Peloton bike has gained a lot of popularity and has become famous all over the world. It is a high-quality bike that comes with different advanced features like touchscreen, WI-FI, and many more. This bike is well-known for its functionality and it also offers a wide range of video lessons. So if you are planning to buy this bike and want to know more about it, then this article will provide you all the important information. After reading this article, you will know everything about the Peloton Bike, so make sure to read the Peloton Bike review till the end.

The Peloton bike is an indoor exercise machine that mimics a bike. Basically it a stationary exercise bike that allows you have to amazing home workouts. It comes with cycle application for live lessons and also enables you to track your pulse. This bike features a 22-inch touchscreen that can you use to stream live classes, and watch other recorded videos while doing your workout. The main feature of this bike is that it allows you to ride and compete with other users and have a great cardio session.

Peloton is an American company that has been providing at-home gym equipment for 7 years. It also has an exercise application, known as Peloton app that gives you access to monthly subscription services of Peloton’s live workout classes for running, cycling, meditation, and yoga. Peloton claims that they provide support of more than 20 Peloton instructors, who will engage with you if you participate in a live lesson. It comes with different social features and also has a robust music library, so you can listen to music while performing your exercises.

The Peloton Bike
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How Much Is A Peloton Bike?

Peloton offers different pricing packages, which affect the cost of the bike, but if you talk about the Basics Package, then it costs £1,990. The other packages are more advanced and they come with many benefits and additional goodies. For example – the Essentials Package costs £2,129 and it includes a Peloton bike, one pair of weights, shoes, and headphones. The third is the Works Package that costs £2,199, which includes a Peloton bike, one pair of shoes, headphones, weights, a bike mat, and 1 heart rate monitor.

Peloton also offers a Family Package that costs £2,389, which includes two pairs of headphones and shoes, one pair of weights, one bike mat, two water bottles, and 2 heart rate monitors.

Peloton offers home delivery in all their packages and they also provide a 1-year warranty. Though if you don’t want to pay the full cost up-front, then you can also choose their monthly instalment plans.

Basics Package Essentials Package Works Package Family Package

Peloton Bike Basics Package

Peloton Bike Essentials Package

Peloton Bike Works Package

Peloton Bike Family Package

Total Price
Or Monthly
From £52 for 39 months at 0% APR
From £55 for 39 months at 0% APR
From £57 for 39 months at 0% APR
From £62 for 39 months at 0% APR
Peloton Bike, 1 Yr Limited Warranty, Home Delivery
Peloton Bike, 1 Yr Limited Warranty, Home Delivery, Shoes (1 Pair), Weights (1 Pair), Headphones (1 Pair)
Peloton Bike, 1 Yr Limited Warranty, Home Delivery, Shoes (1 Pair), Weights (1 Pair), Headphones (1 Pair), Heart Rate Monitor (2), Bike Mat,
Peloton Bike, 1 Year Limited Warranty, Home Delivery, Shoes (2 Pairs), Weights (1 Pair), Headphones (2 Pairs), Heart Rate Monitor (2), Bike Mat, Water Bottles (2)

Is The Peloton Bike Worth It?

Peloton is a well-known company and they keep improving their products, so their users can get the best experience. If you have seen the Peloton bike adverts, you will already see why they are so popular. But is the Peloton bike really worth it? Well, to get the answer, first you must know about its benefits.

The main benefit of Peloton is that if you take the monthly subscription, then you will get unlimited access to all the different workouts that Peloton provides. It doesn’t have any limitations and you can easily schedule workouts according to your convenience. A spin session in a professional studio costs around £20 and for Peloton subscription, you have to pay £39 a month. Now if you look at the wider picture, then Peloton is also a good option as you won’t have step outside from your home so you can perform workouts in peace.

Another great benefit of Peloton is that it provides you the option to workout with professional instructors, which can help you get better results. The instructors provide 14 live classes a day and you can also use the on-demand function to request another ride.

At last, you can also ride with your friends and family, which makes it perfect for people who live away from their house. So as you can see, Peloton provides a lot of advanced features, which makes it very powerful equipment. And in a nutshell, if you will use it regularly with full dedication, then it is definitely worth the cost and will help you shed pounds very quickly.

Can You Use A Peloton Bike Without A Subscription?

Yes, you can use a Peloton bike without a subscription. Though you won’t get the benefits of their services, you can still use it like a regular bike. With no Peloton subscription, you won’t get access to the live classes and exclusive support but it won’t affect the bike in any manner.

Alternatives To Peloton

However, it is indeed true that the Peloton bike is amazing but still if you want to get some others to choose from, then here are some best alternatives to Peloton:

The NordicTrack Commercial S15i is a great alternative to Peloton and it has almost all the features that Peloton offers. However, it features a 14-inch screen, which is smaller than Peloton but still you can get a great workout with it.

The S15i comes in at £2,199, or £55.22 per month over 48 months.

Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

The Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max is very similar to the Peloton, but with a smaller price tag. At a cost of £1,199, with compulsory subscription plans on top. However, it doesn’t come with a built-in screen as the Peloton does – you would need to add an iOS or Android tablet to use their app.

Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max Bike

If you are searching for cheaper indoor exercise bike with good features, then you should consider this ProForm Smart Power 10.0, which has some good features like: 10” Smart HD Touchscreen Display, 22 Digital Levels of Resistance, Padded Seat and Multi-Position, Adjustable Handlebars.

The Smart Power 10.0 comes in at £1,399, or £35.13 per month over 48 months.

The Peloton Bike Review (Is It Worth It?) 2


Peloton is known for providing high-quality products and this Peloton bike has increased its standards even more. From beginner to advanced athletes, anyone can use this bike and get an intense workout. The live sessions make everything convenient for beginners as they can follow the instructor and perform a good workout very easily. Just make sure to research everything properly to get the best deal. Peloton Review - Pinterest


Of course, if you’re not too worried about the screen or live fitness classes, you could go for a standard Spin Bike.

Do you have a Peloton Bike, or are you planning on getting one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Peloton Bike Review (Is It Worth It?) 3

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