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What Are The Best Fitness Apps?

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We all know ‘there’s an app for that’ and with the huge catalogue available now, what are the best fitness apps? There are so many benefits to having fitness apps on your smartphone (and smartwatch). With time being hard to come by, there are some great apps that act as a virtual personal trainer in your pocket. The only issue is, there isn’t one app that will do it all, at least not yet. But there is a wide variety of apps that can help you with your personal fitness goals.

In this section, we share and review some of the best fitness apps in the Health & Fitness category of the app stores. There are free apps, paid ones, free with in-app-purchases and some that require monthly or annual subscriptions.


Platform: iPhone + Apple Watch

PriceFree (with in-app purchases)

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This is one of my best fitness apps. If you want to get started quickly in the gym (or at home) there are some great workouts ready to go. You can also create your own routine and save it to the app. If you are lucky enough to have an Apple Watch too, it works with that, so you don’t even have to have your iPhone with you, or look at it. It also syncs with other apps so you can record and monitor your program timetable. There is also a feature to upload photos so you can track your physical changes.

What Are The Best Fitness Apps? 2

Running and Cycling Tracker:


Platform: iPhone + Apple Watch/Android + Smartwatches

PriceFree (with in-app purchases)

What Are The Best Fitness Apps? 3

Probably the most well-known of the best fitness apps available is the fitness activity tracker, Strava. Mainly used for running and cycling, but there are a number of other activities you can use it for, using GPS or the in-built ‘stopwatch’.

Another app that works with smartwatches for ease of use, and syncs with various other fitness apps and smartphone health systems.

My only issue with this is the inability to record swimming activity, so I had to use the built in Apple Workout app (which itself is really good).

Other than that, a great app and full of features, including a network of friends and athletes you can follow and give ‘Kudos’ to. 


Nutrition Tracker:

My Fitness Pal

Platform: iPhone/Android

PriceFree (with in-app purchases)

What Are The Best Fitness Apps? 4

A great food/calorie tracker with a HUGE catalogue of foods. Set your target goals by weight or macros and the app will give you a daily ‘allowance’, which will also give you an idea of how long it will take to reach your goal.

What Are The Best Fitness Apps? 5

7 Minute Workout:

Quick Fit Workouts: 7 Minutes to Fitness

What Are The Best Fitness Apps? 6

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

If you are really stretched for time and have no access to a gym or weights, 7-minute workout apps are just what you need. Before work, in your lunch break, whenever – simply grab your iPhone or iPad. It’s also great for a warmup.

There’s not much to set up, in fact you can just choose your workout and go!

Body Measurements Tracker:

My Size – BMI, Weight, Body Fat & Body Measurement Health Tracker

What Are The Best Fitness Apps? 8

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Price: $0.99/£0.79

As the title suggests, this is app allows you to enter your measurements and track the changes over time. It includes an auto BMI calculator and a useful reminder alert so you never have an excuse to forget stepping those scales!

Sleep Tracker:

Sleep Cycle

What Are The Best Fitness Apps? 10

Platform: iPhone/Android

PriceFree (with in-app purchases)

Sleep is just as important as exercise. This app will show you how you sleep and for how long. It will also wake you up naturally, when you in your light sleep zone, making you feel more refreshed.

best fitness apps

Best Fitness Apps - Final Thoughts...

There are some great fitness apps around and the key is to find the few that are useful to you personally, rather than download a whole heap of them.

Many of the more popular apps get regular updates and additional features, so if you use one that doesn’t quite do it all, it can be worth sticking with it for a while. You can also make suggestions to the app’s development team or leave useful reviews.

I try to use just 3 or 4 that I use on a regular basis.

We will be adding to the list as we discover them, so keep checking back. And if you use one that you think is worthy of being featured please let us know by sending a message or write in the comments below.

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